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Free Downloads – Courtesy of  Richard Elzey 

Home Inspection Contract

Residential Inspector Agreement – word format

Home Inspection Report – Spreadsheet Format (excel)

Four Point Inspection Report – fillable format

Four Point Inspection Report –  Sample

Four Point Inspection Report – Word Document Format (.doc)

Full Inspection Form – Add and Subtract what ever you need? (word format .doc)

HUD Inspection Sample Report – nice HUD report filled out

Residential Inspection Manual – Very nice .pdf inspection manual

Wind Mitigation Form – fillable, with photo insertion

Wind Mitigation Form – Basic

Example Wind Mitigation Form 

Wind Mitigation Checklist – InterNACHI Wind Mitigation Inspection Checklist

Roof Condition Report – fillable (citizens)

Sinkhole Inspection Form – Last 2 pages of Citizens Sinkhole Inspection Form fillable

Protection Your Files – explanation of how to protect files (In Microsoft Word)

Word Picture Files – for inserting photos into word perfect

4 Point Inspection Forms

Citizens 4 Point Inspection Form – Fillable .pdf

Example 4 Point Inspection Form

 Citizens 4 Point Inspection Requirement


Crack Comparator – you can go here and request your crack comparator.

An Inch Explained… – I’ve always been questioned about it so here is an explanation.

DPBR Complaint Form – Unlicensed Activity or a License Holder working beyond their scope

If you have other forms feel free to send them to me – Email Me


The app for Ipad is PDF Expert  $9.99 App.

18 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Hi Richard,

    Your fallible downloads are great. Do you have the Citizens 4 Point form with a page for pictures. Also do you have available any information to help with getting the inspectors and client signature into the PDF?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi Rich,

    Can you add a couple of photo pages to the new Citizens 4 point inspection form? Also they have changed their roof certification form to include a secondary roof it would be great to have that in a fallible form with a page for photos. Thanks for your web site and all you do to help us home inspectors.

  3. WE tried to add pictures to the fillable picture part of the wind mit form but could not get them to load on the page . any advice. thanks

  4. The Wind Mitigation fillable form works fantastic on my Mac but does not work on my iPad. When I open it in Adobe Reader I don’t get any of the text or picture boxes.
    Anyway I can get it to work on my iPad? I noticed there is a lock in the bottom right hand corner and when you tap on it, it says “Protected Document This document is protected. Some edits may not be allowed. Appreciate any help!

    • You need Adobe PDF Expert, it’s a $9.99 plugin from the apple store.I’ll check it as well for protection settings

  5. I really appreciate your forms. Is there any way to get a Wind Mit form that is NOT protected? The protected signature ramps up the size and I’d like to be able to manage my own security on the document. Thanks!

  6. Hello Florida Contractor,

    May I trouble you with one more question… How can we add the blank photos pages to your Citizen 4 Point form? Thank you in advance!

  7. Your documents are great especially the fillable docs with pics. However, when I plug in my pictures and save the doc it’s too large and I’m then unable to add it to any email. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

    • The only thing I could recommend is opening them up in a graphics program and reducing the size of the images. Photoshop, photoshop elements, ACDSee, Picasa, will batch re-size them all at once.

  8. The way to reduce a large PDF file with photos is to use a “virtual printer driver”. I use a free one called “dopdf”, it really reduces the file size. You fill out your PDF form and then hit print, instead of using your default printer use the dopdf one. Make sure you go into the advanced menu and click on the “save to file” box. This way it’s not trying to print an actual copy through the printer. That’s it, really simple and what it does is “flatten” the file. This makes it non-editable when you send it out and reduces the file size by about 50% roughly. I keep both the original fillable PDF forms, in case I need to make changes and the flattened DoPdf ones for a few months. Then I delete the fillable ones, cleans out a ton of hard drive space because the file sizes on the non-flattened ones can be pretty big. You have a home inspection, 4point, wind mit and maybe a mold or something else and that’s close to 30-40 megs per inspection client. I also archive all my photo files off the computer onto digital storage like an external hard drive after about 3 months. I usually have 300-400 megs per inspection in the clients photo file. I also backup all the client inspection files to the external hard drive from my desktop to clear out space and in case of virus or hard drive melt down.

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