Question: Do you teach for all types of contractors?

Answer: Yes, we teach both state and local licensing for Florida, for most contractors license.

We uses state-of-the-art equipment to make the learning process easy! Our classes are taught with computer generated, animated presentations — we don’t teach on chalkboards or on videotapes.
NOW AVAILABLE…….EXAM PREP ONLINE CLASSES! These web-based interactive seminars give you access to our course right from your OWN computer in your OWN home! We simultaneously broadcast the webinar and the seminar is being presented. You see the same course as if you were seating in the classroom.

We offer classes in the following categories for both State and Registered Exams:

Division I Contractors

General Contractor (class A)
Building Contractor (class B)
Residential Contractor (class C)

Division II Contractors

Roofing Contractor
Plumbing Contractor
Mechanical Contractor
A/C  Contractor (A & B)
Sheet Metal Contractor
Solar Contractor
Irrigation Contractors
Swimming Pool Contractor
Underground Utilities
Specialty Structure Contractor
Pollutant Storage Contractor
Glass and Glazing Contractor
Gas Line Contractor
Solar Contractor
Marine Contractor

Electrical Contractors