Unlicensed Contractors

Richard Elzey states the following are red flags for Unlicensed contractors:

  • newspaper ads that don’t list the contractor’s certification number
  • a large down payment is required (If you are doing a big job, the Consumer Watchdog recommends you pay the supplier. That way you know the building supplies were paid for and nobody can come after you if your contractor doesn’t pay the bill.)
  • Statements like “it will be cheaper if you obtain your own permit”
  • Verbal contracts
  • The contractor works on weekends or after hours
  • A building permit is obtained by someone other than the contractor

When ever you see this report to “Code Enforcement”. A lot of people think… they can do it cheaper. But what happens when they 1/2 do it or take the money and run? You have very little recourse to get your money back.

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