Workplace Gossip

Workplace gossip is a serious issue. While many of us participate in the gossip pipeline (often without really thinking about it), workplace gossip can be exceedingly damaging both to individuals and the company in general. Here are some of the destructive results of gossip in the workplace:

• Wasted time and productivity as a result of excessive time exchanging “gossip  information.”
• Circulation of false rumors and either heightened fear or false raised expectations.
• Severe erosion of trust of others in the workplace.
• Severe erosion of staff morale.
• Hurt feelings and the possibility of reprisals.
• Creation of a “toxic” work environment.

These are serious outcomes. Gossip can and should be dealt with from at least two “angles.”  Management staff can play a role in facing down workplace gossip, as can individual employees.  When both management and employees actively try to cut down the gossip, the results can be surprisingly positive.

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